Units of Instruction

Dribbling with the foot / kick & punting  (soccer skills and punting footballs)

Throwing / Catching  (different types of balls)

Walking / Fitness  (pedometers)

Dancing   (moving the body to the beat of music)

Basketball skills   (dribbling with hand, chest pass, bounce pass, shooting and recess games)

Jump Rope skills  (forward, backward and long jump ropes)

Volley skills   (forearm pass, setting and serving using different balls and balloons)

Striking   (with hockey sticks, bats, rackets, paddles and clubs)

Orienteering   (3rd grade only)

Tumbling  (balance on different body parts, weight transfer and rolls)

Bicycling  (4th and 5th grade)

Sportsmanship  (every day)

Fitness  (concepts of and performing different exercises and learning what they do for the body)