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The Hour of Code is HERE!!!

It’s HERE —
Are you ready??

If you are like me that you consider CSED, or Computer Science Education Week (December 4-December 10), to be an exciting week!  I teach Computer Science to my elementary students all year long — but this is the week that we can really celebrate the process of learning to program and code — and learning all about computational thinking.

If you don’t know much about the Hour of Code (it’s becoming synonymous with CSED thanks to — you can learn more about this amazing movement to bring Computer Science into every school using this link.

Here are some of the things that I am considering doing with my students this week.  While this list isn’t exhaustive, by any means, of the many resources available — I hope you that something on this list would inspire you to try something with your students or child.

Online Resources:

Kodable | The Foos | BotLogic | BeeBots (various activities with the robots) and Beebots Online | Scratch Jr Activities (iPads) | Tynker’s Candy Quest | Courses |

Wonder Workshop’s Dash Robot – various lessons and and ideas from The Digital Scoop | Minecraft Activities

Scratch Lessons (for 3rd – 5th):

Snowman | Google Doodle | Balloon Pop |

Unplugged Activities:

Magic Card Trick (Debugging) (Scratch online version of Magic Card Trick) | Paper Airplane (Algorithm Design) | Cup Stacking (Algorithm Design)

If you are still looking for more — I would recommend looking through the activities listed on the Hour of Code website.

Happy Coding everyone!