Dr. Seuss

111_0063Monica Beltran and Alondra Garcia came to our ELL classrooms to help celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday. Alondra and Monica wore costumes to represent his books. Our students were excited about having the students guess what the books were. Thank you so much!!!! The ELL teachers were very proud of them. They were confident and willing to speak to help the ELL students identify the books. Thank you again.

Mrs. Corona, Miss Peterson,and Mr. Davis.

A Trip to the UNL Dairy Store

February 12, 2013 was a great day!!!! The weather was agreeable and the best part was that we were able to have some delicious ice-cream.  Our ELL students grades 2-5 took a field trip  to the UNL Dairy Store.  This was made possible for our students because of a Memorial Fund from Ted Simonson. Ted donates the fund to ELL students in honor of his wife. His wife loved her ELL students and we feel honored that he gave Holmes School an opportunity to have this learning experience. Ted joined us there and took the tour with us as well as enjoying the ice-cream. He shared with us that his wife Jan would be very happy today!!!!IMG_0157

Family Meal Night

Family Meal Night was an opportunity for parents and their children to make a nutritious meal by following a recipe that contained all the 4 food groups. What a great learning experience. There were many wonderful family conversations and the sharing of cooking skills. It was wonderful to see our ELL families as they prepared recipes with their children. Cindy Peterson and I enjoyed conversations with our parents and getting to know more about their culture.

Mrs. Juanita F. Corona/ELL Teacher/ Team Leader

Read Across America

Our own special ELL teacher Marj Lamberson  is an extraordinary teacher. She donated books to all of our ELL students from grades K-5. We will miss her lasting kindness and love for our students. She has been an inspiration to all of us. She is planning to retire this year and we will be missing her wisdom and thoughtfulness to her colleagues and students. We want to give a great thanks for what smiles she has given our children. They will always remember her as they sit down and read their great books!!! Thank you and we love you!!!!!

Mr. Davis’ Class Voicethread

To access Mr. Davis Class’ Voicethreads, you will need a username and a password. Please check with Mr. Davis to get one. Once you have your username and password, follow the directions below to participate in the class’ conversations on Voicethread.

If you are using an iPad

  1. Go to the Voicethread Application
  2. Touch on log in
  3. Type in your username + @lps.ed.voicethread.com –  Example:  STU200@lps.ed.voicethread.com
  4. Type in your password:  Example:  horse303
  5. Participate!

If you are using a laptop or a desktop:

    1. Scroll and click on the Voicethread below.
    2. Type in your username + @lps.ed.voicethread.com (PASTE) –  Example:  STU200@lps.ed.voicethread.com
    3. Type in your password:  Example:  horse303
    4. Participate!



Mr. Keller’s Visit to Holmes ELL

On Monday November 14, 2011 in recognition of American Education Week we had the privilege to have a school board member Kevin Keller read the book “The Three Javelinas” to our 2nd and 3rd grade ELL students   The children enjoyed listening to the story and to participate in reading the coyote’s part ” I’ll huff and puff and blow your house in.” This is always a great experience for our students to have a a community member share their love of reading!

UNL Athletes

UNL AthletesOn Friday November 18, 2011 Student Athletes from UNL came to talk to our 2nd and 3rd graders about the importance of exercising our bodies as well as our minds. They  talked about the importance of eating the right foods to make our bodies strong. The students shared with them the exercises that they do each day.

Newsletter Dec. 2010

ELL Newsletter – Dec. 2010

This has been a busy 2nd quarter for both students and ELL teachers, we had Holidays approach quickly in the month of December.  As it was approaching, we were invited by the Bryan Hospital to sing some holiday American songs. We walked over to the hospital on December 15, 2010. We sang Merry Christmas, Rudolph the Red –Nosed Reindeer and Old St. Nick to the Bryan Staff. The ELL second graders and Level One students were thrilled to learn the songs and show their talents to an audience. Their teachers, Mrs. Karr, Mrs. Lamberson, and Miss Peterson, introduced the students. The students grinned with pride as they represented their country as well as Holmes School.

Miss Wilcox has been preparing our ELL third graders with academic vocabulary to enhance their learning and to prepare the students for the state assessments. We would love to have parents keep reinforcing this at home. Ask your children what new words they have learned in the ELL classroom. Also have them write the word for you and ask them to tell you in your own language as well. This enables them to remember the word and definition.

Mrs. Corona is teaching our students frequency words that they are expected to know in First grade. The First grade teachers would like them to be   practicing at home.  I also am sending books home so they can practice their reading. When they return the books signed by an adult back to school the students are able to pick a prize out of the secret mailbox. They really like to practice reading with adults.

In writing we are working on digital- story telling. Mrs. Laura Bartels is helping with technology in the classroom, and photo booth.

Miss Peterson has started a blog in her ELL classrooms. Parents will be able to respond to the blogs. She and her students are having an adventure as they use their reading and writing skills with using such fun activities.

The Kindergarten class and Level one students have been learning about community. Miss Wilcox and Mrs., Corona are working with Kindergarten and Level One students to develop vocabulary of Community helpers and their Community. Miss Wilcox has used technology to get up to date community pictures to develop student’s own community books.

Mrs. Lamberson has created digital story telling stories for her ELL second graders. Check out the stories on our Holmes web page.

We are starting a New Year 2011 and we have some upcoming events to mark on your calendar:

Karen Parents: Parent/teacher conferences 6:30-7:30  Jan.27,2011

Math Night Bug Bash!!!! January 27, 2011 5:30-7:00

Report cards January 26, 2011 check those Wednesday Folders

Parent/teacher conferences February 8 and February 10. Notes will be coming home with your children for times.

Thank you so very much for helping  our students this quarter in all their learning endeavors.

The Holmes ELL team