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April 23rd

8th:  Today we reviewed Mitosis and Meiosis, and then finished working on our cell theory projects.  More tomorrow!

7th:  Today was our last day going over Biogeography and tomorrow I will be presenting information on biomes.

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April 22nd

8th: Today we reviewed Cell Division and started our poster project.

7th:  Today we reviewed Biogeography.

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April 17th

8th: Reviewed cell structure and function.  Test tomorrow.

7th: Watched Vanishing of the Bees after reviewing Ecology Energy Systems.

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April 16th

8th: NESA testing and review of the first three sections of chapter 1.


7th:  Review of food webs and food chains.  Food web project and ten questions should have been done in class.

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April 15th

8th: TOday we did a microscope lab and looked at plant matter, hair, newspaper, moldy potato, skin cells, saliva and some strange jelly substance I found in the fridge.  Ick.

7th: Today we started Energy Flow in Ecosystems.  Read pages 42-47 and do the questions on page 47 for homework.


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April 11th

8th: Today we went over the function of the structures of the inside of plant, animal and bacterial cells.

7th:  Today we reviewed the first three sections of our text for the test over Populations and Communities by recreating a concept map.

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April 10th

8th: Reviewed Cell City Project.  This should be completed!!  Started in section 1.3 of the first chapter on cells in their environment.

7th:  Reviewed Interactions among living things and completed the Counting Turtles Lab.

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April 9th

8th: Cell City Poster project and job posting

7th: Review studying populations and started reviewing Interactions Among Living Things.

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April 8th

8th: NESA testing

7th: Review of Studying Populations.  Review sheet due tomorrow!

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April 4th

8th: NESA Testing

7th: NESA testing for 4th period.  Section 1.3 in text.  Interactions among living things, pages 24-31.  Color notes, guided reading and assessment questions.  Tomorrow we will do a butterfly camouflage project.

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