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September 27: Space Race and Earth Forces Project


8th: Today I introduced the kids to the “space race” via Powerpoint and we talked about the space shuttle and space station in more detail.  We also watched the video from yesterday.  The water rockets are coming along swimmingly!  Quiz tomorrow!

7th: Today we worked on our Earth Forces project.  The idea is to show mastery, in the most creative means possible, of the concepts of compression, tension and shearing from chapter 2.1 (page 44-50) in the text.  They must be able to explain what type of fault line develops with each force, what type of fault movement (horizontal or vertical) is associated with each, where in the world are actual examples of each and where we find anticlines and synclines as well.  None of this information should be new to them.  We did the guided reading together, so they have what they need to complete it.

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