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May 1: Invasive Species and Pythons!

Today we reviewed the guided reading on section 2.3 in the text and started in on invasive species.  I introduced an assignment due Friday, which the kids will have to research on their own, due to the NESA testing in the computer labs here at school.  It involves going to and picking a species of organism to research.  We also started watching a cool video on the Burmese Python problem in Florida.

Here are the things they need to include in their project.  It can be a paper, a Powerpoint, a Prezi or a poster, and they can send it to me electronically if they want to.  I would even love to see a creative video!

What is it?

It’s taxonomy

Where is it now found?

How did it get there?

Where did it come from?

Why is it a problem (if it is one)?

What impact does it have on the ecosystem?

What steps are taken to deal with it?

Include a picture of it.

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