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April 17: More Population Problems!

Today we reviewed the section 1.2 over populations, and I introduced a question for a writing assignment.  Is there a population crisis in the world?  We watched a couple of short videos explaining both sides of the issue and this is what the are supposed to write about.  They need to write a page a t least on whether or not the numbers of population increase are enough to warrant a “crisis” in the world.  I also introduced a question in second period about poverty as it relates to population.

We will talk more about it tomorrow and they don’t have to write about it just yet, but I want them to “imagine a world without money.”  How would daily life be?  What would our motivations be?  How would we get things? What “things” would we need?  What is important?  What else would be affected? What problems would be solved and what other problems might arise?

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