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April 11: Living Things Venn Diagram

Today we started in with a review of the guided reading from yesterday and I introduced an assignment for a Venn Diagram project.  I want it to be our first poster-size project of the quarter to replace what we have on the walls in the commons area from 3rd quarter.  This assignment goes as follows:


1. Make a list of 5 organisms, including yourself that reside in and around a certain habitat.

2. Create a list of biotic factors and abiotic factors for each organism within its specific habitat. Remember, An organism interacts with both the living and nonliving parts of its habitat.

3. Provide a picture of the organism and its population within its environment for each of the five habitats.

4. Create a Venn diagram connecting the organisms and show what resources they share and what resources they don’t.

5. Label these concepts on the picture: organism, habitat, biotic factor, abiotic factor, species, population, community, ecosystem.

6. Be creative! Make it as colorful and informative as possible.

Here is an example of a 5 set Venn Diagram:

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