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January 25: Evolution, primates and head lice!

Today we finished up our work on Darwin’s Predictions along with the worksheet and started asking some questions about transitional fossils.  In second period I showed a video on the evolution of head lice and how it helps us understand our own evolution.  I will show it tomorrow in first period.  I also introduced our Transitional Fossil Project which will be expanded in scope and form.  I want the kids to take ONE of the five transitional fossils fund here: and do an expose’ on it.  They are free to use their creativity in anyway that trips their trigger.  If they want to do a video, a rap, a skit, a Prezi, a Powerpoint, a poster board, a clay model, diorama, or write a paper on it they want.  However, if they choose to write a paper they cannot work with another student.  I’m trying to pull out a little creativity from the kids and I want to see what they come up with.  They have a week to finish it up.  I want to see some things answered about the transitional fossil such as:

What is it?  How old is it?  What is it a transition from or to?  Do we know who found it?  What is significant about it’s structure, limbs, diet, environment or life that make it unique?  Why is it important?  What don’t we know about it?

This project is meant to really open the kids up to using different mediums to show demonstrative mastery about the concept of a transitional fossil and how it relates to evolution.  Have fun with it!

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