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December 19: Review, review, review.

Today I handed back a lot of papers and projects that the kids have done over the last few weeks and got back their quizzes from Friday.  If they want to get some extra points, they can do the 8 page review packet I gave them for 1 point each page to be added to their score.  It may to seem like a lot, but it will help out that quiz grade.  IT will be due Wednesday before the test.  Also, if they wanted to work for 4 extra points they can go to and log in using my username: jarhedjimbo and my password: 71gibex.  If they search for “covalent bonds” they can go through the tutorial again and answer the 4 discussion questions on the site.  (I added the hot link to the covalent bonds page above)  It’s pretty straightforward and that will also help their quiz grade out.  Wednesday is the CSA and tomorrow I will be gone at a funeral.  They need to study hard!   Good luck.

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