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November 16: New project day!

Today we went over the writing exercise about Boyle’s Law, Charle’s Law and the Meissner Effect and how they relate to the changes in state of matter.  So, after an interactive and some questions and answers, I gave the kids a project.  They are to take twelve terms form the text and create a cartoon.  The twelve terms are to be used however they can, in context, and tell me a story demonstrating their working knowledge of them.  They are to be as creative as they can be, although I’m not opposed to stick figures!  This can be as fun or silly or serious as they want it to be.  I gave them a sheet with numerous panels on it to start, but they can create their own on bigger sheets or poster board if they choose.  It’s up to them.  Be colorful, be creative and show me how these concepts work together.

Here are the terms to use: Solid, Liquid, Gas, Viscosity, Amorphous solid, Crystalline solid, Fluid, Surface Tension, Vaporization, Evaporation, Boiling and Condensation.

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