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November 10: More changes in matter lab and prep for tomorrow!

Today I sent home a note asking for a little help with the Diet Coke situation for tomorrow’s exercise.  I have asked the kids to make sure to keep their Diet Coke at room temperature, don’t open the bottle or shake it if at all possible.  We don’t want to alter the integrity of the experiment.  I’ve gotten all the Mentos we need and I’ve amassed 15 bottles of soda already.  Tomorrow we will gather in my classroom in the morning and follow a set of directions for the exercise.  I’ve gotten a camera ready as well as a tripod and anyone who want to come enjoy the (quick) show is more than welcome.  I speculate that we will be outside ready to commence the activity around 8:20-30.  We will clean up afterward and be done by the end of 1st period.

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