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November 9th: Burning Candle Lab

Today we did a lab on the changes a burning candle experiences and what the reactions are surrounding it.  Tomorrow we will get more into this subject and start our investigation into the Diet Coke and Mentos phenomenon.  I am asking all my students to bring a 2 liter of Diet Coke (or “diet cola”) on Friday for a mass experiment with both first and second period.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!  I know the diet colas at Hy-Vee are around 80 cents per 2 liter, and Diet Coke is just over a dollar.  I hate to put any financial burden on my students so I will be supplying the Mentos and extra bottles of Diet Coke for the experiment.  I would like to get this done while the weather is cooperating and  filmed  as well so we can put it on Youtube and watch it later.  It should be a lot of fun and I’m using this as a way to kick off our investigation into solids, liquids and gasses next week.  More chemistry fun on the way!

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