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Things to include in your Prezi!

Things to include in your Inside Earth Prezi:

Earth’s Interior

1. The characteristics of the Earth’s interior, such as the crust, mantle and core.

2. What each layer is made of.

3. How thick, heavy or dense it is.

4. Do these layers have other names or parts?

5. An example: picture, video or outline.

6. How do we know the characteristics are this way?

Convection and the Mantle

7. What is heat transfer?

8. What causes convection currents?

9. What are the three types of heat transfer?

10. Give examples of each one with a picture, video or drawing.

11. Define density and how it plays a role.

12. What three factors are needed in a convection current?

Drifting Continents

13. What was Alfred Wegener’s hypothesis about the continents?

14. What evidence supported Wegener’s hypothesis?

15. Where can this evidence be found?

16. Why was Alfred Wegener’s theory rejected by most scientists of his day?

17. What is Pangaea?

18. Give examples of these via pictures, video or drawings.

 Seafloor Spreading

19. What is the process of sea-floor spreading?

20. What is the evidence for sea-floor spreading?

21. How fast is this process happening?

22. What happens at deep-ocean trenches?

23. Define the key terms of the section such as mid-ocean ridge, subduction, trenches, sonar, etc.

24. Show this process by flowchart, pictures, video, or drawings.

25. How does magnetism play a role in this process?

26. What evidence is available of this process?

Plate Tectonics

27. What is the theory of plate tectonics?

28. What are the three types of plate boundaries?

29. Define each type.

30. Show an example of each one.


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