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Day 20: Awareness test and next section.

So today I had the students watch the awareness test video to see how observant they are.  It’s  fun video to watch and fools most of the kids, most of the time.  Then we watched a short lecture on Pangaea and Continental Drift.  The next section was introduced via the guided reading on Plate Tectonics.

Tomorrow we venture into the computer lab to start their massive Prezi concept map.  I aim to have each student create a series of smaller concept maps that connect all the work we do this quarter into one big presentation that they can use as a model for future use.  I’m asking those students who have an email address to create their own Prezi student account.  It’s very easy and safe and very free.  It is NOT a social networking site, however you can share your presentations with other people.  The privacy settings are easy to manage and I urge each parent to take part in observing what your child does with their work.  Here are some simple directions:

1. Log onto and chose the “sign up” button.

2. Select the student/teacher button.

3. Select the “Edu Enjoy” selection with 500mb.

4. Enter the relevant information and begin the tutorials.

It’s that easy!  Please take some time to play around and explore the site.  I will be using this extensively.

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