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First day!

Today was a blast!  The flash mob was way less embarrassing than I thought it would be (probably since we’re all such good dancers) and the classes went great.  I introduced myself and gave them my Prezi presentation as well as a load of papers to take care of.  There are some things my students need to remember:

1. Get the Science Safety Contract read, checked off, signed by their parents and returned on or before Friday the 19th.

2. Sign and hand in the locker agreement sheet that was handed out in their planners this morning.  First period should hand that in to Mr. Benson tomorrow.  All other first periods might have already done that.

3. Remember to keep your name tag for a little while until we all have the names memorized.

4. Tomorrow 1st period will meet in class as usual and then move out to the commons area at 8:05 for a team meeting.

5. Don’t forget about picture day coming up next week.

More news will follow and I’ll post everything I can here.

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