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We are always working at moving students toward grade level curriculum.  The work we do to provide students English language development with text that is accessible for their language level is crucial in helping them progress through the four domains of language.

Please examine the supports we’re providing.  These supports give students a chance to rehearse academic language, skills, and strategies that they will encounter in their general education classrooms while using text that is accessible with teacher support and text that is accessible independently.  Both are vitally important as we scaffold and solidify language for kids.


ELL Language Support Guides by Grade Level

Kindergarten                       Fourth Grade

First Grade                           Fifth Grade

Second Grade                      Sixth Grade

Third Grade


Language Continuums:  Skills and Strategies Across Grade Levels


General Education Pacing Guides Across Grade Levels


LPS Guide for Instruction and Assessment of ELL Students Using McGraw-Hill Materials

K-5 Guide

6th Grade Guide

Assessment Accommodations and Modifications for ELLs


Additional Resources

K-1 Planning with the Reading Continuum Exemplar

2-5 Planning with the Reading Continuum Exemplar

K-1 Blank planning template as a PDF

2-5 Blank planning template as a PDF

K-1 Blank planning template that you can adapt 

2-5 Blank planning template you can adapt

Planning and Guidelines for McGraw-Hill use in ELL:  Includes supports in planning and using online resources, as well as for recommendations about what pieces would be most appropriate for use in instructing language learners.

Presentation shared at Principals Council about how ELL is responding to the reading implementation

To utilize some of the components McGraw-Hill Wonders curriculum in your ELL classroom digitally, please click here.

Click here for supports for Kindergarten and First grade in using online resources.

 Using Wonders Digital Resources to support Language Acquisition

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