Digital Resources for ELL

In this session we discussed the importance of digital citizenship and we shared resources to promote language acquisition for ELLs. We shared resources available through Wonders, the LPS Library Media Center Digital Resources, Edmodo, and GoogleDocs. Teachers had the opportunity to explore these resources and create their own lesson plans. To view the Docushare collection, click here.

Using Wonders Digital Resources to Promote Language Acquisition

ELL teachers have a multitude of resources to help support language acquisition in their instruction. The important thing to remember, with any resource, is that it is a vehicle for teaching language. Digital resources can play an important role in supporting 21st century learning skills and also creating interactive opportunities for students to speak, listen, read and write in English. We recently had a professional development session that highlighted useful strategies for teachers to use when planning with Wonders digital resources while keeping language acquisition at the forefront. Some of the keywords that we highlighted are illustrated in this wordle:

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 3.07.04 PM

  Retrieved from: Wordle

Planning for ELL students and utilizing a multitude of materials is a little like telling a story. Teachers need to begin by understanding where their students are at in their learning both with receptive and productive language processes. They also need to know what is happening in the general education classroom and then make educated decisions about where their students are and where they want them to go in learning. The benefit of using the digital resources from Wonders is that if problem and solution is being taught in the third grade classroom, this skill can still be taught in ELL but adjustment in text complexity and instructional approaches may be modified to help provide access to students at Emerging language proficiency. As a result, using digital resources, you may be able to teach problem and solution but instead of using the 3rd grade text, teachers may find that a second grade text is more appropriate. They will have access to all of this through the digital site. Here is a road map for planning that we discussed. It highlights one example of how teachers need to utilize planning materials and digital resources to create access to learning for students.

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 8.39.06 AM

To see the complete powerpoint that explains this process more in depth, click here.

To download a copy of a lesson plan checklist for using Wonders digital resources, click here.

For directions on how to download leveled readers from Wonders, click here.

To access the weekly planning guides for K-2 and 3-5 as well as the language continuum support guides, click here to get to our McGraw-Hill Reading Site.

We hope these are helpful resources to support teachers. It is always important to remember that materials are a support. The impact of the materials depend on the scaffolding, differentiation and intentionality of language instruction that is provided by the teacher.  Happy planning everyone!

Using Photobooth to Publish

So you say you want to use Photobooth to publish student work?  What a great idea!  Did you know that Photobooth is so versatile because it is…

  • good for sharing presentations and a good way to use technology to publish.
  • a manageable process for students learn the process and use independently.
  • a good way for students to self evaluate their speaking/listening and presentation qualities as well as their piece of writing.
  • easily used with multiple genres…biographies are one idea but you can also use poetry nonfiction and beyond.

Resources to Get Started:

Using Photobooth to Publish Planning Guide


Examples of Photobooth Publishing Recordings to share with kids: 

Let’s learn our Photobooth Publishing Do’s and Don’ts!

A Non-Example

An Example

What I need to remember when publishing with Photobooth:  An Anchor Chart that can be come a self-reflection guide


Presentation Templates:

For Primary:

Presenation Flip cards in PDF format

Edit the Presentation Flip cards, if you wish, in Comic Life

For Intermediate Grades:

Presentation Template Script

Completed Presentation Script 

Resources For When You’re Ready to Record:

If you’re not sure how to use Photobooth or need a refresher, check out one of these resources that will help walk you through the process:

Photobooth Basics–a step by step guideline

How to Use Photobooth–a step by step guideline


ELL Students at Lincoln High Using iPods

The ELL level 1 students at Lincoln High School have been using iPods to improve their language skills since November of 2011. Ben Kreimer, a UNL senior majoring in journalism, has documented their progress in a short video clip.

Prescott: iPads 4 Learning – Session 1

We had a great turn out on our first “iPads for Learning” session at Prescott on February 28. Twelve teachers were interested in learning about ways to use this tool to engage our 21st century learners.

We shared some “tips and tricks” during the session. Please click here to review them.

Although there are thousands of apps out there, our session focused on three apps that can go the distance. And yes, all three of them were free apps: Toontastic, Doodle Buddy and Show Me. Please click here to review these apps and to learn about a few more.

Other pertinent resources are: Managing iPads and iPads 4 instruction.

We would LOVE to hear from you. Your instructional idea, the app you found, and/or comments about what you learn in the session.