Reading Comprehension: Jigsaw Cooperative Learning

Jigsaw Text Reading

This reading strategy is a powerful way to support ELLs as they are challenged to comprehend difficult texts about new or unfamiliar concepts.  It also provides a setting for interaction among students which is an important component of effective instruction for ELLs.

Steps in the Process:

  • Form cooperative learning groups called ‘home’ groups. Students in this group will then be assigned to an ‘expert’ group.  All students will eventually return to this home group.

  • Each expert group is assigned a different section of the text to read.  They can take turns reading orally as a group, to partners, or as individuals (tailor this to the needs of your students).

  • After reading, assign roles within each ‘expert’ group for students to take notes, identify essential vocabulary, and/or answer key questions about the text.  A graphic organizer can help keep students’ thinking in order and make it easier for them to later present to their ‘home’ groups.

  • Ensure that each ‘expert’ group understands the materials they have read in order that they may share it with their ‘home’ groups.

  • ‘Experts’ share their learning within their ‘home groups.’  The same or a different graphic organizer may help students with this process.

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