Social Media – I Now Have Set Limits

Recently, I watched “Social Dilemma” on Netflix. It was alarming in many ways, and I now have limits on my phone for how much I consume daily. However, a protective feature for me and others my age is that we grew up without social media, and thus don’t have the same understanding of just how much of a role in can play in one’s life. I was SHOCKED to see the statistics about children and mental health in the documentary. Compared to the first decade of the 2000s, the rates for depression and anxiety have gone up over 150% in girls aged 10-14. While we might think about “teenagers” as those in middle and high school (and there are concerns there too), to see the role social media has played in younger children scared me! Please be sure you are setting limits for yourself as a good mental health step as well as a model for students. In addition, it helps to explain to students how detrimental social media can be and put limits in place.