Electromagnetic Field?

Did you know?


Did you know the heart generates electrical amplitude and the electromagnetic field of the heart extends 10 feet out from the body? A person’s heartbeat can actually be measured in another person’s brainwave and a connection is created.

This is very powerful when thinking of working with students. When an emotionally regulated and calm adult is next to, or gently touches the should of a dysregulated and disruptive student, an energy exchange happens. Thus, it is imperative that the adult’s emotional state be positive. This can create “heart coherence,” driven by a state of love, gratitude, and happiness, the waveform is ordered and stable.



However, when someone is angry and resentful, the waveform is disordered, jagged, and unpredictable. This feeds negativity and fear into an interaction between an adult and student.


Adults’ emotions cannot be suppressed; they have to be processed and acknowledged, otherwise they will show up in resentment and anger. It is critical for adults to monitor their thoughts, reactions, and feelings while around stude