First Week Down

Our first week is done! It was a week of learning, making and reestablishing relationships, and finding our groove so to speak. We worked to build our classroom and school communities and welcome many, many new students. We even survived our first daytime thunderstorm and inside recess!

As a friendly reminder, please work on establishing routines at home to help your student be successful. These routines might include: setting a wake up time that allows everyone to be ready for the day in time for school, getting to school on time with everything your student needs, making sure all students know where you will pick them up after school, finding a time and place for students to complete their homework (homework should be coming home by now for most grade levels), and establishing a good bedtime routine. I know in our house, we have a very tired boy who has been asleep by 7:00 at night, and sometimes is still sleeping until after 6:00 in the morning!