How are First Graders Feeling?

I had students in 2nd through 5th grade answer the climate survey questions from PBiS (the behavior management system LPS is currently using). However, I felt the questions were a bit too difficult for 1st graders to wrap their heads around, so I modified them. Instead of 11 statements, I condensed them down to 4. For each statement, students could select a happy face, “medium” face, or sad/mad face. Here are the results:

71% said they feel happy about school.

82% said they feel happy about the school rules.

85% said they feel happy about the adults at our school.

67% said they feel happy about the other students at our school.

Looking at the data, the lowest percentage was regarding other students. This was true about the upper level grades’ responses too, and something I’ll be thinking about when planning for next year!