2nd and 3rd Grade Data

For my end-of-the-year data, I asked second graders about the steps to follow directions and complete assignments (in addition to the questions about my name, job, role, definition of bullying, what to do about bullying, and career identification.) Our classroom lessons also covered showing concern for others and calming down when angry. Here is the data:

*47% of students were able to identify a specific step from following directions or completing assignments

*93% of students could identify a way to show concern for another person

*only 7% of students were able to remember how a character in a book we read together calmed down. However, many students said the character had taken deep breaths to calm down. This is an effective coping strategy, just not the one I asked about from our story.

In third grade, we discussed contributing to conversations and/or discussions, what to do if you miss the directions, giving compliments, and helping someone who is angry. Here is the data:

*78% of students knew how to contribute to a conversation and/or discussion

*100% of students knew what to do if they missed the directions for an assignment

*83% of students could identify a compliment they could give to someone

*100% of students were able to list ways they could help someone who was feeling angry