Classroom Survival Skills

There are lots of different school counseling materials available, and one is called Skillstreaming. This is a curriculum that looks at several different skills and breaks them down into small steps. I used this curriculum for our “Classroom Survival Skill” lessons in the month of March.

Each grade level focused on two skills, and while they may seem like basic skills, it was either a good reminder of how to successful do each skill, an introduction to each skill, or a combination of the two. In kindergarten, we focused on listening and asking for help. In first grade, the two skills we discussed were saying thank you and being prepared. Second grade focused on following instructions and completing assignments. In third grade, we discussed contributing to discussions and asking a question. Fourth grade’s lesson was about ignoring distractions and making corrections. Finally, in fifth grade, we discussed listening and setting a goal.

In April, I will still be using the Skillstreaming skills as our focus, but this month’s skills will be more emotion-based. These are more focused on showing your feelings, understanding others’ feelings, and being able to identify feelings.

I am also having fifth graders complete a google form about what they are worried about as they transition to middle school as well as what they would like their middle school teachers to know about them. I also asked them what they wish we would have spent more time on. This will help guide next year’s lessons too. I already have a few students who have said “lockers” was something they are worried about, and I’ve talked with our school library teacher, Mrs. Anderson, about getting some combination locks for students to practice with. I’m hoping they leave fifth grade feeling a bit more prepared and less stressed!