It’s Time for Data Again!

We are a third of the way through 3rd quarter, and the January lessons are just about done! This month we focused on all students learning the new state standards regarding manners and kindness on-line. Here are the state standards introduced this year:

  • Understand how technology affects them and others.
  • Know and use good internet manners.
  • Understand how emotions and intents can be misunderstood.
  • Know the possible consequences of taking a picture of or recording others without permission.
  • Identify and respond to cyberbullying.

In the kindergarten and first grade classrooms, we included a discussion of kindness and how we can be kind in our everyday world. We also brainstormed how each classroom was going to show kindness after reading a book. In 2nd and 3rd grades, we watched a short on-line video about Netiquette, which featured students being interviewed about on-line kindness and manners. We also answered questions whole group about what we had learned. In fourth and fifth grade classrooms, we watched a BrainPop video about Netiquette, and the students answered the BrainPop quiz questions on their own on pieces of paper, which I then recorded and graphed.

Overall, students were able to meet the state standards driven objectives. 61% identified a problem in on-line communication is that you can’t tell the writer’s tone of voice. 84% knew that internet trolls aimed to start arguments, and 88% knew the best way to deal with trolls is to ignore them. 81% of students in fourth and fifth grade identified flaming as similar to teasing in that they both can hurt people’s feelings, and 58% correctly identified the best way to send a text message to a parent (identifying you shouldn’t use too many abbreviations or shortcuts). I am extremely happy to report 97% knew that before posting a photo of anyone on-line, you MUST get his or her permission beforehand. That objective was a big emphasis in our lesson, so I was very excited to see this information stuck!

Moving into February, we will be focusing on careers. I am very excited to do some career exploration with all grade levels!