14 Days to Half-Way!

In 14 school days, we will be halfway through our year! Wow! That’s crazy to think about.

I’ve already started preparing for the lessons for the second part of the year. In January, all classes will learn about on-line manners and kindness as part of the new state standards. Some of the information has been or will be addressed in the final bullying lesson, but I’ll add onto this information, and make sure all grades hear this message. In February, I’m very excited to do lessons about career exploration. These lessons will be differentiated by grade level, and thus will go from the very basics of careers to more in depth exploration of strengths and interests and how these might match up with different careers.

As I mentioned, we are finishing up the bullying curriculum. The lessons have been fairly popular, and they do a great job at really defining what bullying is (versus just being mean), as well as how to handle bullying. I’ve loved the students’ participation and questions!