2nd and 3rd Grade Data

As of today, I’ve finished the 2nd and 3rd grade lessons. These lessons focused on the second “R” of bullying, “Reporting.” Students reviewed how to Recognize bullying first, and then we discussed the need to report bullying to a caring adult and who those adults are in our life. We also spent time discussing the difference between tattling and reporting. The post-test for the lesson was asking students to identify at least three people they could report bullying to if they saw bullying or if it was happening to someone else.

Second graders were given a list of names and they were asked to circle at least three. Third graders were given a paper of paper and asked to write three names of people to whom they could report bullying. Here’s the data!


I’m very excited about the second grade results. Although I would like the third grade results to be higher, I understand writing out names made their task slightly more difficult.