Here’s Some Data for You!

As I have mentioned before, I LOVE data! It’s rewarding to finish a lesson and see the impact it has had on learning. It can also provide feedback about areas that students are still confused about. I haven’t yet finished all of the second bullying lessons, but I have finished fourth and fifth grades. Here is their data.

Fourth and fifth graders’ lessons were about how to be a supportive bystander. The post-test, then, was four statements about how to be a supportive bystander. The students needed to circle “Yes” if the statement was true about a supportive bystander and “No” if the statement was not true.

Of the four statements, you can see that 91.3% of fourth and fifth graders answered all of them correctly. Another 4.0% answered 3 of the 4 statements correctly. I’m so happy that our students at Everett are better able to identify how to be a supportive bystander. They will be practicing the skill in lesson 3, so this will be reinforced again.