We’re Rolling…Almost!

We are in our third day of school, and our final shortened schedule day! This week has been very different for me as a school counselor than it had been as a teacher. I’ve had the chance to get a lot of “behind the scenes” work done. I’ve ordered books and supplies for the counseling room, created forms, made lists, and done lots and lots of reading!

I’m hoping to spend the next few days meeting new-to-Everett students. Then in the next few weeks, I’ll start going into every classroom to introduce myself as well as introduce students to what a school counselor is. I thought I would share some of that information here too.

A school counselor is someone who is available for ALL students within a school. There is no special “list” a student needs to be on in order for them to speak with the counselor. I will be doing classroom lessons once a month, as well as working with small groups of students and at times, individual students. However, a school counselor is not a therapist. If a student is in need of long term and/or intensive treatment, I will work with the family and other school personnel to identify a different person for them to meet with.