Coming up this week! {8/26-8/30}

Welcome back for week #3 in Kindergarten! We have so many things to learn and do this week as we start to get settled into our regular routine!

This week we will be talking about what we can do. Our essential question is “What Can You Do?” We are going to continue reviewing the letters of the alphabet and practicing the ABC chant each day. We will be reviewing our high-frequency words this week is I and can.

This week we will be learning all about adding, subtracting, and comparing through 5. We will be working with various shapes throughout the week: circles, squares, and rectangles. We will be using horizontal and vertical graphs to compare numbers. Your child will not be bringing home their math homework folder this week. (We don’t have any family letters or homework!) Your child will be bringing home a MathBoard on Friday. These are for your child to keep and use at home and they do not need to be brought back to school.

Writer’s Workshop…
We are going to continue learning all about our Writer’s Workshop routine! We will be learning about how to take care of our writing materials, and how to carefully organize our wonderful stories. We will learn how to use pictures to tell a story, and learn how to come up with ideas to write about.

We are continuing our Second Step curriculum this week! Our lessons include: Feelings (happy/sad, comfortable/uncomfortable, surprised, interested, afraid/scared), identifying anger, and same or different. These are important skills for us to learn as we begin our educational journey in Kindergarten!

Don’t forget! Tuesday, 8/27 is a PLC Day! We dismiss at 1:33 PM.

We have another busy week ahead! Thanks for all you do!

-Mrs. Sellenrick