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Physics & Physics-Diff

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Info on this page
Links to other pages and sites
  • Synergy Grades is a link to current student grade reports (login & password required).
  • Physics is a link to information, documents, and resources for the standard Physics course I teach (login & password required).[UNDER CONSTRUCTION]
  • Physics-D is a link to information, documents, and resources for the Differentiated Physics course I teach (login & password required). [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]
  • LNS Science is a link to the LNS Science Departments web site which has useful information about many science matters at North Star.
  • LPS Science is a link to the LPS District Science Web site which has useful information on course objectives and state standards.


Science Courses 2018-2019

  • The science courses I currently teach are:
    • Periods 2: Physics, Room C-203
    • Periods 3, 4 and 5: Physics-Differentiated (Honors), Room C-203
    • Period 8: Science Dept. Chair Duties

Important Information

    • I will post grade updates as soon as I can but there are high demands on my time. It is not realistic to expect a daily update.
    • Mistakes do happen–let me know and we’ll fix them as soon as possible.
    • Please note that it usually takes about a week for a complete grading cycle and sometimes up to two weeks. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
    • You may turn in missing work for full credit.
    • You may retake a different version of the quizzes & tests (not the finals). I will record your best score.
    • You may improve your lab reports for all points.
    • You may do excused assignments for points.
    • You may redo almost anything for all points.
    • You are able to earn the grade for which you are willing to work. YOU are in full control of your grade.
    • Effort does lead to success! Smart is as smart does!
    • Our class web site has our schedule of activities, assignments, lab instructions, handouts, answers, study tips, links to tutorials, links to help pages, videos, animations & more. If you miss class, need notes, need to study, want answers, or need a handout, you are suppose to check this website:  LNS Google Classroom Login and password required.
    • Didn’t receive credit for work you handed in? Maybe you forgot to put your name on the assignment. This happens about 2 to 3 times a day in my classes.
    • I have a folder of the no-names items which you can check.

Contact Info

Floyd Doughty
Science Department,
North Star High School
5801 North 33rd Street
Lincoln, NE 68504
Phone: 402.436.1305   Fax: 402.436.1054
E-mail: fdoughtyatlpsdotorg
Office: Room A217
Classroom & Lab: C203

About Mr. Doughty

I currently teach students Physics and Physics-Differentiated (honors) at Lincoln North Star High School. Before that I taught chemistry and physics at Lincoln Southeast High School and was a Technology Liaison. I have taught science since 1988. I serve on the School Improvement Committee. I am currently the North Star Science Department Chair.

In addition to teaching science I have sponsored clubs, coached science competitions, worked with gifted and special needs students, served on many district and building committees, presented at conferences, served as an US-DOE National Report Card Assessment Reviewer (NAEP), and led a variety of staff in-service activities and workshops. For many years I have taught technology courses for LPS Staff Development and have provided computer support and training.

Related education activities have included work as Team Leader for UNL’s School of Biological Sciences Advising Center, curriculum researcher and writer, I was one of the Founding Board Directors of the Lincoln Children’s Museum, former Chair of the Lincoln Children’s Museum Math, Science and Technology committee, and one of L.C.M.’s first Site Directors, among other activities.

Education is a second career for me. Prior to education I owned and operated Doughty Construction Company.

About PRISMS Physics

Our physics course is a program based on the Physics Resources and Instructional Strategies for Motivating Students (PRISMS) program and research based methods recommended by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS ) and the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA). The U.S. Department of Education’s National Diffusion Network (NDN) has recognized PRISMS as a National Exemplar Program and it has been listed in the NDN publication: Programs That Work.  PRISMS was also showcased by the North Central Regional Educational Laboratory (NCREL) in the article: Critical Issues: Providing Hands-On, Minds-On, and Authentic Learning Experiences in Science.  Currently much of the PRISMS program has been incorporated into the University of Dallas’ C3P Program which is funded by the National Science Foundation.

Special Note to Students from Mr. D.

My official school duty hours are 7:45 AM to 3:15 PM. (But I usually stay till about 5:00 p.m. or later). I currently teach periods 2, 3, 4, and 5, with period 8 for department chair duties. My preparation hours are periods 6 and 7.

My last name rhymes with the word “rowdy”. So some students call me Mr. Rowdy, I don’t mind. Mr. D. is ok, too.

Email is the best way to contact me: Floyd Doughty <fdoughtyatlpsdotorg>

I am most often found in Rooms C203 (classroom and lab), A217 (office), and frequently the other science rooms.

I am very interested in your success and I am willing to help you. However, I am involved in many school projects and I may be difficult to find after school or during my preparation periods. The best thing to do is to set up an appointment with me and if you make an appointment please keep it. Only about 1/3 of the students who make an appointment with me show up–rather rude don’t you think?

Thanks for understanding.

–Mr. D.

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