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January 27th, 2021 – Chicks are Hatching!

Hello Families!

I hope you all had a nice long, snow-filled weekend!  I love a good snowstorm, but I think I’m good for a bit!  🙂


I went out to school today (Tuesday) to check on the chicks, and was excited to see so many hatching!  Each room had a handful that have hatched, and each room had 4-5 “pippers” that were working on breaking out.  I even got to record the hatching of one of Ms. Nguyen’s eggs!  Check out the link below to watch.  It should be downloadable, if you want to save it.


This link is to the “Egg Cam” at the 4-H office, which provides our chicks.  There is a 12 hour recording you can speed through to try and find some hatchings.

4-H Egg Cam


Because of the snow days, we’re going to do a little adjusting with our reading curriculum this week and next.  We won’t have a spelling list this week, and we’ll skip reading homework, too.  Instead, this week I’m going to do some activities from next week.  Then next week, we’ll do some activities that we were going to do this week.  Basically, it will be easier to condense next week into three days, and then use next week as full week for Unit 4, Week 4.  Confused yet?  Ha!  Just know there is no spelling or reading homework and the kids and I will figure out the rest.


In math, we’re wrapping the first half of Unit 4.  We will finally take our Unit 4, Part 1 test on Wednesday.  Then, we’ll dive into telling time to end the week.  I only anticipate homework on Friday this week.


In writing, we’ll finish up our “What Am I” book this week, then begin prepping for their Personal Essay project, which will take place over the next couple of weeks.


The Wednesday, January 27th conferences are still on for tomorrow.  You probably saw that the first day is pushed back to next Monday, February 1st.

If you haven’t yet signed up, please do so with the link below.  If you can’t meet with me, I will send home your child’s progress notes for you to review at your convenience.

Mr. Wachter’s Conference Sign-Up

Click on this link to Zoom-In to your conference: https://lps.zoom.us/j/5261813917

Initially, you’ll be placed in a “waiting room,” and I will invite you in when your conference begins.  If possible, please sign in with your first and last name, so I can confirm I’m inviting the correct person into the conference.

Remote Learners

Because of the snow days, a lot of the materials I sent home for this week you won’t need.  Please hang on to them for next week.  Pages like Retrievals, Annotations, Spelling pages, Check for Understandings…just hang on to those for next week.  I’ll make sure most of this week’s lessons have digital options for the kids at home to complete.

Please keep in mind that we will spend a fair amount of time Wednesday and Thursday playing with the chickadees, so the Zoom kids will have a bit of a break during those times.

Thanks for reading, and have a great week!

Eric Wachter

Class Web Site:  Mr. Wachter’s Class

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