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December 21st, 2020 – 1st Semester Ends

Hello Families!

We made it!  Hard to believe, but the school year is halfway through.  I’m so glad we have been able to stay open, and have been able to be as “normal” as we have been.  With the vaccine being rolled out, let’s hope our return to real normalcy comes sooner, rather than later!

Reading and Math

This week, the kids will simply wrap up any unfinished assignments, tests, reports, etc.  There will be no spelling and no reading homework.  I may have a bonus Math homework assignment Monday, but for the most part we will try and enjoy our time together the next two days, stress free.

Tuesday’s Adjusted Schedule

On Tuesday, please note the remote learners will have quite an abbreviated schedule.  There day will not begin until 10:30, and will look like this…

9:00 – Assembly in Cafeteria (No Zoom)

9:40 – P.E. – (No Zoom)

10:30 – Integrated Studies

11:00 – Math

12:00 – Recess and Lunch

1:00 – Polar Express (No Zoom)

2:45 – Bonus Recess (No Zoom)

As you can see, we have been given permission to watch “The Polar Express” to celebrate the end of the semester.  Unfortunately, due to copyright restrictions, remote learners will not be able to join us for this movie.  This decision really frustrates me, but we are beholden to those restrictions, unfortunately.

The movie will take the majority of the afternoon, and then we’ll end the day with a bonus recess.  Therefore, Remote Learners will end their day at noon on Tuesday.  It will basically be like an early-out, PLC Day for the remote learners.

Remote Learners Assignments Due

For the remote learners, please remember to turn in your child’s Unit 3 Math Test, as well as their Unit 3 Reading TDA (written question) and Vocabulary test pages on Monday.  Any other assignments they completed last week can be turned in then, as well.

Thanks for reading, and thank you for all you’ve done to help your child succeed in school this semester.

Eric Wachter

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