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October 12th, 2020 – Immigration Week

Hello Families!

I hope you had a nice weekend, and were able to get outside and enjoy some of this fall weather.  Looks like it turns a bit chilly at the end of the week, so we better savor it while we can!

Reading and Math

This week, the kids will begin week 2, of unit 2.  Immigration is the theme of the week, and we’ll learn about how America has grown as a result of so many immigrants from all over the world.  We’ll continue practicing theme, and making predictions.  We’ll also practice similes and singular and plural nouns.  Considering it’s only a three day week, we’ll practice spelling words in class, but we won’t take a test on Wednesday.  Therefore, don’t expect a list to come home Monday evening.


In math class the kids will continue to build their fact fluency, and practice word problems.  We’ll also learn about “Square” numbers, and look for patterns in squares.  I anticipate homework on Monday (Lesson 2-6) and Tuesday (Lesson 2-7) evenings, but not Wednesday.  I think they’ve earned a break over the long weekend!

Remote Learners

I hope the new weekly schedule is easier to read!  I’ll continue to do my best to update the “Work Due” checklist, as well.  Please keep in mind all my grand plans are tentative.  You never know when something won’t go as expected, and I have to make adjustments to the pacing.  As a wise man once said, “We have a great plan, from which we will deviate from.” 🙂

Nuisance Items

Thank you so much for helping your child keep toys and trinkets at home last week.  There were far fewer things brought to school, which allowed us to be more focused in class.  I really appreciate your help!

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

Eric Wachter

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