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October 5th, 2020 – Reading Unit 2 Begins

Hello Families!

Hard to believe October is here!  The school year is moving right along, and I guess it’s time for sweaters and jackets!


This week, the kids will begin Unit 2 in reading.  We’ll learn from a variety of folktales this week, and will practice making predictions, theme and antonyms.  Spelling will resume, and you can expect a list to come home Monday evening.


We had a successful trial run taking our last spelling test on Google Forms.  I think it will be a great resource in the future, in case we ever go to full remote schedules.  However, it was very difficult to fit in two tests during that 30-minute window, and I felt like I was rushing the kids.  I also like to be able to send the results home, and wasn’t able to do so with a digital test.  So, I think we’ll go back to paper and pencil tests for the foreseeable future.  We may give it another go later in the year, but I’ll let you know if we make that change.


The kids began Unit 2 in math last Thursday.  This week, we’ll continue to explore multiplication and division strategies.  Specifically, we’ll practice 8s and 7s by the end of the week.  I anticipate homework on the following nights.

Monday – Homework 2-2

Tuesday – Homework 2-3

Wednesday – No Homework

Thursday – Homework 2-4

Friday – Homework 2-5

Remote Learners

I’m trying a new format for the Zoom-In schedules this week.  I think it looks “cleaner” and will be easier to follow.  I hope it helps your child understand what lies ahead each day.

Nuisance Items

I still have a number of kids bringing items from home that should not be at school.  Pokémon cards, candy to give out, balloons, quarters, stuffed animals, etc.  I love all those things too, but they get in the way of our learning.  If you could prevent your child from bringing items like this, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

Eric Wachter

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