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September 14th, 2020 – Inventions Week

Hello Families,

I hope this note finds you enjoying the weekend, and you and your children recharge for a new week of school.


This week (Unit 1, Week 4), the kids will read a variety of biographies about inventors.  We’ll practice asking and answering questions, cause and effect and metaphors.  We’ll also learn about predicates, as last week we learned about sentence subjects.  You can expect a spelling list to come home Monday, and our test will be on Friday.


In math, we’ll continue our study of multiplication and division.  So far, we’ve practiced 5s, 2s, 9s, 3s and 4s.  At the end of the week, we’ll explore the Zero Property and the Property of One, as we learn about 1s and 0s.  Our lesson ran long Friday, and we didn’t get to the homework assignment.  So I think…think…homework will look like this for the week.

Monday – Homework 1-12 or 1-13

Tuesday – No Homework

Wednesday – Homework 1-14

Thursday – No Homework

Friday – Homework 1-15

Zoom-In Learners

Thanks so much for those of you picking up and returning work from home.  I know it’s hard to discern which items are needed when, so hopefully the packets were helpful last week.  They are arranged that way again this week.  I think next week I’ll attempt to bundle each day of math together to make things even easier.

A good rule of thumb is, if we work on something in a lesson…turn it in.  Not just homework, but practice pages in math, any practice pages during reading lessons, spelling tests, etc.  If they write on it…turn it in.  That will really help me get an idea as to how they are comprehending the lessons.

Remote Learners Zoom-In Schedule-September 14-18

Amelia’s Zoom-In Schedule-September 14-18

JaMarkus’s Zoom-In Schedule-September 14-18

Nuisance Items

I’ve noticed a lot of toys, trinkets and trading cards coming from home.  As I tell the kids, I love those things too, but they need to stay at home.  Thanks for helping remind your child not to bring anything non-school related to school.


Just a reminder that kids are welcome to bring their own personal headphones from home for use with their Chromebooks.  The ear buds I provide do not last long, sadly, and often don’t fit tiny ears very well.  So, if your child has a favorite pair, please feel free to bring those to school.

Thanks for reading, and have a great week!

Eric Wachter

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