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August 31st, 2020 – Welcome to Week #4

Hello Families,

I hope you are doing well, and got a chance to enjoy the nice weather this weekend!  I’m really looking forward to school this week, as three more Zoomers are joining the class.  I’m looking forward to “officially” meeting them!


This week is Unit 1, Week 2 in reading.  We’ll practice sequencing, visualization and context clues through a variety of realistic fiction stories.  We’ll also take a practice test at the end of the week to get the kids acclimated to taking a test on a computer.  The kids will have a spelling list come home on Monday, and we’ll have our weekly test on Friday.


In math class, we’ll continue to build fluency with 2s and 5s in both multiplication and division.  We’ll also explore 9s and 10s later in the week.  I anticipate we’ll have homework on the following evenings.  However, if things don’t go well during a lesson, this schedule may be adjusted.

Monday-Homework 1-6

Tuesday-No Homework

Wednesday-Homework 1-7

Thursday-Homework 1-8

Friday-Homework 1-9

Remote Learners

Thank you so much for helping your child become a successful remote learner!  I know this is hard task, but I feel like things are continuing to improve.  If you haven’t heard, the weekly pick-up dates have changed.  The next pick-up day will be Friday, September 4th, and will be every Friday going forward.

As stated before, please don’t allow your child to work ahead on any assignments.  There are more papers in their kits than we will likely get to during the week.  Simply have them turn in any work they complete, and save any unfinished papers for potential future use.

Remote Learners Resources

I hope you have had a chance to explore our class web page!  If you have, you probably saw there are lots of handy resources.  For example, spelling lists are posted, should you ever need one.  There is also a tab for Remote Learning.  There, you will see weekly schedules, as well as a new tab called “Chromebook Tips.”  The kids access a number of different resources each day, and that tab lists several different “How To” pages to help them!  These are especially handy if you’re at home trying to help your child access one of the resources.

Well, thanks for reading, and thanks for helping this year go as smoothly as possible, so far.  I have great faith in things working their way back to normal, and this “new normal” becoming more and more comfortable for everyone.

Have a great week!

Eric Wachter

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