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August 24th, 2020 – Zooming into Week 3!

Hello Families!

Wow…that was an interesting week!  As worried as I was about meshing in-class and Zoom-in learners, I think everything went about as well as it could have gone.  I hope everyone at home felt included, as I think I got progressively better at making connections at home as the week went on.  I have also enjoyed getting to know the in-class kids, too.  Hard to believe, but week three is already here!

Reading and Spelling

This week we will begin our regular curriculum in reading with Unit 1, Week 1.  Our stories this week will focus on visualization and character traits, as we read a variety of fantasy stories.  We’ll also practice synonyms, and continue writing proper sentences.  We’ll also start spelling this week.  Your child should bring home a spelling list with them on Monday, and we’ll have our test on Friday.

Zoom-in learners will have two lists in their weekly packets.  The blue list is an “On-Level” list, and the green list is a “Beyond Level” challenge list.  Please have your child look over both, and make a decision as to which list he/she would like to try this week.  Eventually, I may assign a list to each student, but for now they can choose their list.


In math class, we’ll continue exploring multiplication and begin to explore division.  The kids did an awesome job last week learning their 5s multiplications, and this week we’ll explore 2s. The first handful of lessons in Unit 1 are two-day lessons, which means the kids will have homework after day two of a lesson.  This week I anticipate homework on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings.

PLC Tuesday

On PLC days, Zoom-In kids will not rejoin class remotely after lunch.  The reason being, we’ll end our PLC days doing Interventions and Guided Reading, which they would not have rejoined us for on a regular day.  Instead, they will have a couple of assignments posted in their Google Classroom to work on independently.

Zoom-In Schedule-August 24-28

JaMarkus Gooch Zoom-In Schedule August 24-28

Zoom-In Kits

Hopefully you can pick up the Zoom-in kits for your child fairly early on Monday, as there are a few items they may need during school tomorrow.  However, we can make adjustments if necessary.  You will likely find many more items in their kits than we might even get to in the next week or two.  I really made an effort to over plan and over supply those kids with potential work items.  Please just hang on to the unused items for future lessons.  Not going head is also important, as many items in their kits are layered for different, future lessons.  Lastly, please turn in any assignments your child worked on when you pick up your new materials.

I guess that’s about it for this week’s update.  I hope you are all doing well, and make an effort to stay cool this week, as I hear it’s going to be a hot one!

Eric Wachter

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