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April 27th, 2020 – Chick Hatchings and Wild Weather!

Hello Families!

This week the kids will be learning about extreme weather in their reading lessons.  They will practice making predictions, theme and adjectives in two historical fiction stories.  There are also two fun weather related stories for their bonus reading lessons on Tuesday and Thursday.

The spelling words come from the unit 6, week 3 list.  There is a new Google Form that will help the kids take their test on Friday, if interested.  They simply need an adult to read the words to them, and the kids can type their words into the Google Form.  Once the form is submitted, the program will grade their words!

In math class, the kids will continue practicing word problems, and finding a strategy that works best for them.  The follow up activity to each lesson will be posted in their Google Classroom, and won’t require any printing, thankfully.

You might have already seen the chicks are hatching!  I’m so excited the kids can have this experience, even from afar.  Next week, the kids will begin a series of social studies lessons.

I am hoping you’ve received an email regarding a Parent Zoom Meeting tomorrow at noon.  I’m sorry this is such late notice, but it was an idea that grew legs and was quickly assembled.  Parents are welcome to check in, say hello and or ask questions about any remote learning concerns.  I apologize if the timing is poor and you have prior plans!  I know noon in the middle of the week might not be the best time.  If you can’t join that meeting, it will be recorded and posted later for your review.

Our class will have another Zoom Class Meeting, Friday at 12:00.  After some chit-chat we’ll watch a great embryology themed episode of Reading Rainbow called, “Rachenka’s Eggs.”

I hope you and your family are doing well and staying safe.  Thanks for all the help you’re giving your child during this time.  It’s greatly, greatly appreciated!

Eric Wachter

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