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April 20th, 2020 – Sunken Treasures and Titanic Week

Hello Families!

The theme in reading this week is “Sunken Treasures.”  The kids will learn about theme, making predictions, adjectives and idioms in their stories this week.  The two bonus lessons (Tuesday and Thursday) are about the Titanic, which is a favorite topic of mine.  I still marvel at seeing the photographs of the Titanic at the bottom of the ocean!  I hope your child chooses to complete each, as the two bonus stories are really fun to read.  Then, our Friday Reading Rainbow Watch Party focuses on the Titanic, as well.  I hope your kids can join me at noon Friday, using the same Zoom code: 526-181-3917.

If your child can’t join us Friday, they can always watch the Reading Rainbow episode on their own time.  They are posted in their “3rd Grade Google Classroom” under the Reading Rainbow heading.

In math, the lessons continue to focus on word problems, and different strategies to solve them.  I know a few people are loving the “Kami” worksheets, while others have had trouble opening them.  I know that can be frustrating!  So, I am going to try and turn each worksheet into a typeable “Google Form.”  For example, tomorrow’s math lesson assigns Practice Page 6.5.  I’ll still post that on the web site, under the “Math” tab.  But, in their Google Classroom it’s assigned as a Google Form.  From there, they can simply solve the problems, choose an answer, and turn it in!  I hope this makes life easier!  🙂

I hope the kids are enjoying the virtual Embryology lessons.  I know it’s not the real thing, but there are some fun things to do and learn in those lessons!  The Live Egg Cam will be great to watch when the little chickadees begin to hatch!

Thanks so much for all you’re doing for your kids.  I miss them terribly, and can’t wait to see them when this is all over!

Have a great week and take good care,

Eric Wachter

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