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January 27th, 2020 – Aviation Week!

Hello Families!

This week, your child’s classroom will be learning about aviation.  We’ll practice rereading, cause and effect, homographs and homophones through a variety of expository texts about flight.  The wonder of flying always seems to intrigue kids, so I’m looking forward to a great week of work!  This is week 4.4 in reading, and you can expect a spelling list and literacy homework to come home on Monday.

In math, we’re at the halfway point of unit 4, and will take a short test over the first portion of our study of fractions and measurement.  We’ll begin to practice telling time, and read and create a variety of graphs in part 2 of unit 4.  I anticipate a review homework coming home on Monday, then homework on Thursday and Friday following the test.

In writing, we’re wrapping up our “What am I?” animal adaptations book.  The kids did a great job researching an animal, and writing descriptive clues about their animal for our book.  It’s been fun to hear their writing, and listen to the class guess what animal is being described.  Next, we’ll begin to learn how to write personal essays.

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

Eric Wachter

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