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April 29th, 2019 – Memorial Stadium Tour Week

Hello Families!

On Wednesday, your kids will embark on a tour of Memorial Stadium and the accompanying athletic facilities.  This will supplement our study of the history of Lincoln, and its most famous landmarks.  Please have your child wear comfortable shoes, and appropriate dress for the weather.  You might even encourage them to show school spirit by wearing Husker red!

If you are joining us for the tour, make sure you sign up as a Level III volunteer as soon as possible.  The tour note is attached to the weekly email, as is a map for parking.

In Reading this week, the kids will read expository texts, and learn about a variety of animals.  We’ll compare and contrast a number of different animals, and practice rereading and using context clues.  You can expect a spelling list to come home Monday evening, as well.

In Math, we’ll continue studying customary and metric measurements.  We’ll also begin studying different geometric shapes.  In my Math class, I’m anticipating homework on the following nights.

Monday-No Homework

Tuesday-Homework 7-5

Wednesday-Homework 7-6

Thursday-Homework 7-7

Friday-No Homework

In Writing, we’ll begin writing the final drafts of our Personal Narratives.  The kids have worked really hard to this point, and it’s time to create the final project!  I’m very eager to see how their work comes out.

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

Eric Wachter


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