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April 1st, 2019 – Unit 5 Test Week

Hello Families!

Last week, I was incredibly proud of all the kids that took their state reading test on Monday and Thursday.  The classroom environment was perfect, and the effort that was put into those exams was outstanding!  We won’t know the results until summer, but I couldn’t have been more proud of their focus and dedication to do their best!

Unfortunately, the kids will have to tackle their Unit 5 reading test this week.  Thankfully, it’s a reduced version due to the state testing, and it won’t be such a drain mentally.  Because it’s the end of the unit, we won’t have spelling this week.

In Math, the kids began Unit 6 last week.  As you probably saw from the homework, much of our practice is word problem practice.  That will continue again this week and for the rest of the Unit.  In my Math class, I’m anticipating homework on the following nights.

Monday-Homework 6.4

Tuesday-Homework 6.5

Wednesday-No Homework

Thursday-Homework 6.6

Friday-No Homework

In Writing, we’ll begin the process of writing a Personal Narrative this week.  We’ll complete several lessons to help us understand what a narrative story is, and how to construct one.

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

Eric Wachter


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