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March 25th, 2019-State Reading Test Week

Hello Parents!
I hope you all had a good week, and have some fun plans ahead for this weekend!
I’m sending next week’s email a tad early, just to remind you that the majority of kids will begin their State Reading Test on Monday.  Then, we’ll give them a couple of days of normalcy, before we finish the test on Thursday.   We’ve been working towards this test all year, so hopefully the kids will shine during the exams next week!  I told them to simply get a good night’s rest before the test, eat a good breakfast and take the challenge head on!
In reading next week, we’ll learn about energy and natural resources through a variety of expository texts.  We’ll practice asking and answering comprehension questions, as well as cause and effect.  I do plan on having spelling this week, as we should have enough time to practice our words during the week.
In Math, we’ll begin Unit 6.  In this unit, the kids will practice a large variety of word problems.  We’ll also be reviewing a variety of concepts to help prepare the kids for the State Math Test in a couple of weeks.  In my Math class, I anticipate homework on the following nights.
Monday-Homework 6-1
Tuesday-Homework 6-2
Thursday-Homework 6-3
In Writing, we’ll practice a little spring poetry, and decorate our lockers with an acrostic rainbow poem.  We have had three kids move in the past couple of months, so I also plan on allowing the kids a little time to write letters to those kids that have moved.
Thanks for reading, and thanks so much for helping your child be ready and at their best Monday morning for the big test!
Eric Wachter

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