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March 4th, 2019 – Chicks, Fossils and Dr. Seuss!

Hello Families,

This week your child will enjoy a number of really fun activities in class!

First, our chicks will likely begin to hatch sometime around Monday and Tuesday.  Hopefully we’ll have a good hatch rate, and get some quality play time with the little cuties!  Your child is welcome to bring a camera to take pictures of the fun.  However, I will also take A LOT of pictures, and make them all available to you.

Second, it’s Dr. Seuss Week!  Below and attached to the weekly email you’ll see a list of the daily celebrations to celebrate his birthday.

Monday-Bring a Stuffed Animal

Tuesday-Wear Crazy Socks

Wednesday-Wacky Hair and Outfits

Thursday-Pajama Day

Friday-Bring Something to Share (that fits in your pocket!)

Third, we’ll complete a fossil dig on Friday afternoon.  The kids will excavate a fossil out of plaster of paris, just as a paleontologist would do from sand or rock!  The activity gets a little messy, so it would be wise to not wear the fanciest clothes that day.

In Reading, we’ll tackle expository texts this week.  The kids will learn about teamwork, and how rescue workers use teamwork to solve problems.  We will have spelling, as well as the last Literacy Homework assignment of the year.

In Math, the kids will continue to practice perimeter and area, and then move on to a review of fractions.  In my class, I’m hesitant to predict what evenings we’ll have homework.  The pacing guide has a couple of review days built it, so I’m going to play homework by ear, based on the review lessons.

Thanks for reading, and I hope your child enjoys this busy, busy, busy week!

Eric Wachter

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