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February 19th, 2019 – Winter Bliss?

Good Morning Families!

I am thankful to start a new week that does not involve the massive Reading and Math tests your children took last week!  However, as much as I hoped for a little normalcy, it sure looks like we’ll be interrupted by snow again, tomorrow.  That being the case, I’m going to put a qualifier on this week’s spelling words.  If we don’t have a snow day…we’ll have a spelling list.  If we do have a snow day…we’ll cancel the list.  So, expect a list to come home tonight just to be safe, and then we’ll play it by ear with the weather.

We will have a literacy homework this week, however.  Our reading theme is week will focus on fairy tales, and what we can learn from them.  We’ll practice summarizing, point of view and root words in our practice.

In Math, we’ll change our focus to solving perimeter and area for the next few lessons.  We’ll learn ways to find perimeter and area in a variety of shapes, using different strategies.  The first three lessons will cover two days, so in my Math class I anticipate homework on the following nights.

Tuesday – No Homework

Wednesday – Homework 5-1

Thursday – No Homework

Friday – Homework 5-2

In writing, we’ll begin preparations for writing a Personal Essay about “A Person I Admire.”  And, in Science our eggs arrived last week for Embryology.  If all goes well, we’ll have 12 new little fuzzy classmates hatching around March 5th.

Thanks for reading and stay warm this week!

Eric Wachter

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