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January 28th, 2019 – Flight Week

Hello Families!

This week, our Reading lessons will focus on the history of flying.  We’ll read several cool stories about flight, and hopefully gain an appreciation how flying has changed the world.  We will have spelling this week, as well as a Literacy Homework.

In Math class, we’ve switched our focus to telling time.  This can be a little tricky for some kids, especially learning elapsed time.  Any extra practice with telling time at home is helpful!  In my Math class, I anticipate homework on the following nights.

Monday – Homework 4-7

Tuesday – Homework 4-8

Wednesday – No Homework

Thursday – Homework 4-9

Friday – Homework 4-10

In Writing, we’re in the process of creating a classroom book called, “What Am I?”  The kids are completing research on an animal, and will create a book page describing that animal.  The idea is to give clues to the animal, and how it adapts to survive, without saying what the name of the animal.  Then, the class gets to guess the animal!  It’s always a fun process and hopefully something I can share with you at conferences.

In Health, we just completed a unit on fitness and healthy eating.  I’m hoping that your child has brought some of what they learned home with them, especially when buying food at a grocery store.  Several of our lessons focused on advertising, and reading the labels on foods.  If nothing else, I think the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle was impressed upon them!

Our Second Step curriculum has shifted to “Emotion Management.”  We’re learning ways to stay calm when life gets stressful, as it so often does.  This week’s lesson is about “Test Anxiety,” which is a real thing, even for third graders!  Hopefully the kids will learn some strategies to stay calm, and not worry about the result of a test.  The most important thing is the process and preparation before exams.  If we can learn to prepare properly, the test itself will not be so stressful!

Lastly, I will be gone from school on Monday, due to a meeting I’ve been mandated to attend.  There is nothing I hate more than missing school, but I’m sure the kids will do fine in my absence!  Thanks for reading, stay warm, and have a great week!

Mr. Wachter

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