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October 8th, 2018 – First Quarter Ends

Hello Families!

It’s hard to believe the first quarter is coming to a close.  It seems like the year just began, yet here were are, wrapping up quarter one.  Amazing!

This week in reading (Unit 2, Week 2), our focus will be on immigration, and how and why people immigrate to new places.  We will practice making predictions, finding a theme/message in our stories and learn about similes.

In Math, we have finally practiced all the multiplications and divisions for numbers 0 through 10.  We’ll continue to build fluency with 6s, 7s and 8s this week, as well as learn about square numbers.  I anticipate my Math class will have homework on the following nights.

Monday – Homework 2-6

Tuesday – Homework 2-7

Wednesday – Homework 2-8

Thursday – No Homework

During Interventions, we’ve been practicing subtraction strategies.  We’ve covered subtraction with number lines, and will continue practicing subtraction with regrouping with 3 and 4 digit numbers.  We also began a bonus Intervention last week focused on comprehension.  The kids have been rotating to different teachers to practice finding specific text evidence in stories to help them answer comprehension questions.  Extra practice with both of these skills will benefit the kids when they take their state assessments in the spring.

Thanks for a great quarter so far, and have a great week!

Eric Wachter

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