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February 26th, 2018 – Recycling Week

Hello Families!

Sorry for the delay on this week’s message.  Poor Mrs. Long has the flu, and will be out all week!  So, the other teacher’s and I have been running around helping her get prepared for the week.  I’m happy to say goodbye to the cold of February this week, and I’ll be really happy to say goodbye to the flu this season!

This week the kids will tackle Unit 5, Week 2 in Reading.  The theme of the week is recycling, and we’ll read a number of stories about the importance of recycling.  We will have a Reading Homework assignment, as well as a spelling list.

In Math, we’re about half way through Unit 5.  This week the kids will continue practicing perimeter and area, as well as revisit fractions.  This will be a good time to reteach a few of those tougher concepts from the Unit 4 Test.  In my Math class, we will not have homework Monday or Tuesday (the provided homeworks were way too confusing!).  We will have an assignment Wednesday and Thursday (I’m 99% sure!).  We’ll play Friday by ear.

It sickens me to say I will be gone from school Wednesday afternoon.  I haven’t missed a day in about 8 years!  But, as part of the mentor/mentee training program for our new 3rd grade teachers, we are mandated to go observe a teacher in another school for half a day.  I’m sure your kids will be fine while I’m gone, but I don’t think I can handle it!  🙂

Well, I hope your family is avoiding the flu and looking forward to Spring!

Eric Wachter

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